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Simple But Smart Business Transformations?

September 21, 2020

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has meant a lot of upheaval for the majority of companies and organisations worldwide.

For most, this largely translated to providing staff with some kind of capability to work remotely.

Decisions made by business owners when implementing solutions to the immediate challenges this presented were often made in haste. At the time, these decisions were also probably considered somewhat temporary.

It’s also true for many companies that they’re continuing to operate at lower service levels now compared with before COVID struck.

But that needn’t be the case moving forward.

Like all forced change, there are often new transformational processes which when identified and deployed successfully, can result in better ways of operating.

In this email, we’ll highlight some of the simple but smart transformations we’ve seen our clients put in place, that might prove beneficial for you too.


Before COVID emerged, most of our clients had a fairly typical setup consisting of a physical premises and staff who travelled to the business location to work.

This made things fairly easy for staff and managers alike. Staff could easily get help by grabbing the attention of a manager. During the daily hustle and bustle, managers could easily keep track of their team, simply by observing what was happening around them.

Managing the workforce was also simple. Things like performance reviews, ad-hoc meetings, quick “clear up” questions, and “water cooler” conversations could be had during convenient quieter times.

When COVID Struck

From a logistics perspective, our clients were in an enviable position when lockdown restrictions were put in place. Cytrack software is platform-agnostic, which meant transitioning to remote working was relatively straightforward.

However, three problems emerged almost immediately.

  1. Call volume increased substantially.
  2. Remaining compliant.
  3. It was far harder for both staff and managers to communicate effectively and efficiently among each other. This meant managers struggled to keep tabs on what was happening with their team, and it was cumbersome for staff to get quick answers to any issues.

Simple But Smart Transformations

1. Handling Increased Call Volumes

The obvious immediate solution is to increase staff and the number of available lines. But there are some better ways to approach this...

Can you reduce the number of calls?
Intelligent self-service, such as CyLive IVR, enables customers to get the answers they need without the need for staff interaction. Inbound SMS and live chat mean agents can effectively handle more than one interaction at a time.

Also, some customers don’t need an immediate response and would prefer not to have to wait in a queue — they’re more than happy to receive a callback at some point in the near future.

Can you route conversations more effectively?
Of course, CyLive IVR enables you to route calls because the caller can select the most appropriate option.

But by using Cytrack’s deep CTI integration with your CRM, you can route customer conversations to the most appropriate member of your team based on a field within your CRM — whichever method of contact your customers choose.

You can also take things to a whole new level by making use of our new module CyCX Web Connect — this will enable call routing based on a person’s behaviour on your website. Powerful stuff.

2. Remaining Compliant

Cytrack makes it super easy to remain compliant with our voice and screen interaction recording module, CyRecord.

3. Keeping Tabs On What’s Going On & Improving Internal Communications

Our latest addition, CyRecord Insights Speech Analytics, means you have a technology solution to keeping a tab on your entire business. Our software automatically transcribes and analyses 100% of the call recordings.

It’s way more accurate than sitting listening and observing your agents in your office. Among other things, our software evaluates and categorises all calls to measure compliance, build scorecards, monitor agent performance, and rate customer sentiment.

As well as enabling easy internal communication, our CyDesk module keeps track of every customer interaction in one place, which vastly reduces the need for internal communication in the first place.

Saving Money & Giving Staff A Better Work-Life Balance

Once you put good solutions like this in place, there opens up the opportunity to save money and have happier staff.

At Cytrack, we’re treating our office like a “town hall.” If staff need to come in for face-to-face meetings they can.

Some of our clients have simply downsized their office space and rotate staff between working in the office and working remotely.

The financial savings are obvious — either a huge reduction in cost because less office space is required, or lower operating costs when the number of office staff is reduced.

No-one enjoys their daily commute. Staff will have more time available for their personal lives while still working exactly the same number of hours. (In fact, our clients’ and our own experience is that productivity levels rise without the myriad of distractions in a normal office environment.)

If you’d like to learn more about how Cytrack software can help you make powerful transformations like this, please get in touch and access our free professional consultancy services.

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