Cytrack Logo receives approval for the RingCentral App Gallery Marketplace for their CyCX Omni Channel Contact Centre

February 19, 2024

For Immediate Release
Feb, 16 2024

The integration of Cytrack’s Australian-developed custom experience solution drives customer service excellence for Australian and international organisations.”

Ben Swanson, Regional Vice President Channel Sales, APAC at RingCentral

Queensland-based communications and contact software developer Cytrack today announced the integration of its omni channel contact centre solution, CyCX with RingCentral, a leading provider of AI-first global enterprise cloud communications, video, webinars, hybrid events, and contact centre solutions. Cytrack CyCX-Connect for RingCentral delivers advanced collaboration and boosts customer experience with voice calling and contact centre capabilities beyond meetings, chat and collaboration.

CyCX adds methodologies, analytics and functionality to allow organisations to boost customer excellence utilising contact centre best practices and to meet the customer on the communications channel of their choice.

Nick Milan, Managing Director, Cytrack said,

We actually launched our integration with RingCentral back in 2020, and we have had great success with many leading Australian businesses using our Contact Centre SaaS solution integrated to RingCentral. Avaya has since awarded us the Partner of Year for our Avaya Cloud Office (built on RingCentral) Integration. However, we then wished to graduate our solution so it could be featured on the RingCentral Gallery as a Marketplace solution.

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, there is an increasing need for various cloud solutions within organizations. However, the pursuit of meeting this demand can result in software as a service (SaaS) sprawl, leading to inefficient investments and excessive costs. We believe that leveraging cloud marketplaces can effectively mitigate this challenge, offering organizations a way to strike a balance between speed and agility in their operations.

The RingCentral App Gallery therefore then, facilitates seamless integration of top-tier third-party applications with customers’ RingCentral UCaaS platform. Our Cytrack CyCX-Connect collaboration and omni channel contact centre solution enhances the customer experience across digital channels, natively integrated in the cloud with RingCentral.

Ben Swanson, Regional Vice President Channel Sales, APAC at RingCentral, said,

At RingCentral, we’re committed to offering an open ecosystem that allows our customers to seamlessly connect RingCentral with third party solutions to increase business productivity. The integration of Cytrack’s Australian-developed custom experience solution demonstrates the accessibility of our communications platform and will help continue to drive customer service excellence for Australian and international organisations.

More information and technical details on Cytrack CyCX-Connect for RingCentral can be found on the RingCentral App Gallery at

Avaya features a strategic relationship with RingCentral featuring Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral and Cytrack was selected as the Avaya Cloud Integrator of the Year.

Nick added,

Cytrack works very closely with the Australian Avaya Sales and Customer Success teams on appropriate solutions in market, leveraging Avaya’s Innovation Without Disruption Strategy. Cytrack has many successful deployments with Avaya in Australia where Avaya Cloud Office is integrated with Cytrack’s Cloud solutions

Huge benefits of integrating contact centre functionality

CyCX is aimed at business users who require to boost customer experience with voice calling and contact centre capabilities beyond meetings, chat and collaboration. CyCX is a communications and collaboration platform for RingCentral. Rich contact centre as a service (CCaaS) features vastly improve the agent and customer experience. You can also integrate CRM-data into your business operations and amaze customers with the ultimate service experience.

Business Problem

Business owners want to boost customer excellence utilizing contact centre best practices. CyCX adds contact centre methodologies and functionality to allow your business to meet the customer on how they wish to communicate.

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In an always-connected world, customer expectations have never been higher. CyTrack revolutionises relationships and experiences through collaboration, contact centre, AI communication platforms, and software solutions. CyTrack builds upon and extends world-leading cloud telephony platforms with our modular suite of software, API’s and services for communication applications and contact centre solutions. Our products are designed for companies aiming to deliver the highest customer experience. Our services include consultancy, custom software engineering and fit, deployment and after-sales support.

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