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The purpose of the CyPulse Monitor Service is to have a service running which is separated from the rest of the software within the suite which can be used to trigger an alert if any of the services are not operating correctly.

CyPulse alerts provide options that allow users to control the granularity of the alerts and also whether this is to be directed to the customer internal help desk services only or also to Cytrack Professional Services.

Cytrack Professional Services offers an optional level of service care for customers utilising CyPulse where designated alerts can be escalated directly to our help desk for immediate investigation and resolution.

Examples of some of the events monitored are listed below although this may change according to your own system installed and also additional events are being continually added as the monitoring system evolves:

Here's what CyPulse keeps an eye on for you...

CTI connection to PBX

  • CTI pulse not confirmed (disconnection)

SMDR connection

  • Configurable time since last call
  • Disconnection from assigned TCP/IP port

CyRecord service

  • Database Connection
  • Service is running
  • Time since last recording
  • The Recording ‘SizeMismatch’ looks for voice recording file sizes where the file size does not match what it should be compared to the length of the call data. This can occur if the recording is interrupted in some way part way through the call ‘Connection to DeskServer’
  • The ‘Recording SilenceExceeded’ call test that recordings do not exceed the expected percentage of silence (configurable by you)
  • Ability to poll relevant API
  • Disk Space
  • Time since last Ping from DeskServer

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