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Wait till you see what our CyCX Web Connect software can do...

This will place your organisation at the cutting edge of world-class customer experience by combining web behaviour with your communications.

Here are the 3 main elements of CyCX Web Connect…

  • Superior Call Routing
    Calls can be routed to the relevant queue based on a web page view, a response to a Google Ad or a particular keyword searched.
  • Real-time Web-Behaviour Call Info
    CyCX Web Connect will screen pop this “web behaviour” information to the agent in real-time while the agent is on the call.
  • Call Tracking Information Combined With Web Analytics
    You can view all of the historical information in our analytics portal, and within popular analytics software such as Google Analytics.

Superior Call Routing

CyCX Web Connect enables you to route calls based on any of the following data…

  • Traffic source (direct, organic, social (by channel), paid advertising, referral)
  • Landing page
  • Keyword searched in search engine prior to website visit
  • Current web page
  • Location.

While there are many possible end-use cases, here are 3 popular ones...

  • Route leads from paid ads to the correct sales departments using landing page or keyword-based routing
  • Route inbound sales calls to the appropriate sales department based on web page view.
  • Route calls from support and knowledgebase pages to support and care teams.

Real-time Web-Behaviour Call Info

CyCX Web Connect provides your agents with even more visibility on the caller in real-time.

A screen pop display shows…

  • The caller’s location
  • The current web page of the caller
  • The landing page of the caller
  • The keyword searched prior to the website visit
  • The Google Ad clicked
  • The web traffic source

Plus optional information such as the ISP, device, and web-browser of the caller. (Example use case: Imagine you’re an ISP and get a call from someone using a competitor ISP.)

Call Tracking Analytics Combined With Web Analytics

This is a marketing management and sales “dream tool.”

Your team will be able to see instantly...

  • The effectiveness of ad campaigns
  • Which search terms provide the best ROI
  • Which landing pages convert best
  • Which pages on your site trigger a call

All of the call-related information can be fed into Google Analytics goals and dashboards.

Analyse CPC, CPL and CPA like never before.

(Of course, all data is kept in a log format via the CyCX Web Connect portal — Tier 1 data centre with the very best in data privacy and security.)

Campaign analysis

See in-depth reporting inside the CyCX Web Connect portal, such as landing page and source reports.

Groundbreaking Technology

This truly is "first-of-its-kind" technology. No other provider offers this type of functionality for any of their business communications. See how we can help you grow your business with this superior customer experience by getting in touch for a demo below.

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