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Your people act on the front line and are the face of the company when you encounter your customer. They deliver the 'moment of truth' which determines a customer's perception of, and reaction to, your brand and business. Moments of truth can make or break your organisation's relationship with your customers.

Business Benefit

It's therefore immeasurable to value the cost to the business of a poorly trained or equipped team. No business can overstate how important training is to the quality of service, morale of the team and business bottom line. Despite that it's a challenge for businesses to deliver training consistently and also equally important, evaluate, provide feedback and continue growth of skills after initial onboarding is provided.

CyCoach was conceived to deal with this challenge and to realise the investment that our customers make in technologies such as voice recording. CyCoach is the next step and leverages voice recording to deliver a sophisticated agent evaluation, feedback and training management process

CyCoach learning cycle

Questionnaire creation & management centre

Create an unlimited number of questionnaires in the powerful interface straight from your web browser, build in a wide range of answer matrices, such as Y/N, rating ranges, or descriptive ranges such as excellent, good or poor.

E-learning library

Import and Publish a range of reference material for training for agents to access via their Agent portal and in conjunction with their assessments and feedback.

Reporting Centre

A wide range of reports are created that deliver the results of assessments including comparative results and trending performances.

Agent assessment centre

Where assessments are designed based on questionnaires created. The assessor selects a date range and filters based on the agent name and a random voice recording is obtained from the records. The assessor plays the recording and applies the questionnaire and rates each question accordingly. The assessor can reference to material in the E-Learning library against each individual question to assign additional learning material for the agent.

Agent Portal for assessment collection and learning progress

The Agent logs into their own personal web portal to review the results of their assessment and also access assigned learning material.

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