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Digital transformation is about creating experiences that matter. Gartner says that by 2025, the contact centre organization will be exploiting the benefits of an application ecosystem and tools to better equip staff to work in teams. Application leaders for customer service must assess the technology and changes for the future of work to provide cutting-edge customer experiences.

We believe the contact centre is critical to meeting organizational objectives of delivering consistent, intelligent and personalised customer experiences, irrespective of the customer engagement channel.

You can book directly with our consultants in an online calendar based on their profiles and areas of expertise.

Cytrack software engineering and technical services ensure our customers can fit the solution to their own needs and realize the benefits of an optimized customer service contact centre of the future.

No single vendor will provide a complete solution. To foster the application ecosystem approach it’s essential to work with a partner that can provide specialised professional services across the five areas outlined below. The services are needed to ensure the correct and tight fit to your innovative business processes and it’s critical that integrations can be achieved to your technology and also custom engineering can be delivered to budgets and in a timely manner.

Cytrack Consultancy Services

Cytrack provides free consultancy services to help you design the best customer experience solution for your business. We understand that choosing from the latest telephony applications and contact centre technologies is a very specialised area. We have over 24 years of experience to bring to your assistance and with our platform-agnostic strategy and strong integrations capabilities we are well placed to provide independent input to your team’s project review.

Cytrack Systems Integration Services

Cytrack technical services and powerful API’s enable integration to the applications you use every day to deliver efficient business processes and unified customer experiences. CRM and application integration offers an effective and economically viable way to engage with customers and provide specifically targeted customer experiences. The technology offers a way to truly cater to customers individual needs and deliver customer-specific service delivery mechanisms, enabling a level of engagement never before possible.

Organisations unifying customer experience are able to drive a significantly higher level of customer satisfaction and in addition increasing revenues.

Cytrack has over 24 years of experience in systems integration and together with our wide range of existing integrations and our powerful API’s for customer applications we are globally recognised specialists in this area.

Cytrack Customisation Services

Cytrack customisation services provide high-level engineering services to tailor our software to meet your unique business requirements and processes. No business is the same and you need a partner that can deliver nimble and adaptive solutions.

Our products are extremely granular in their features, functionalities and configurations and we owe that to all our customers. Our customisation services are the backbone of who Cytrack is and we continually learn new ways in how businesses want our products to be adapted to fit their needs and aspirations.

We think we shine in this area and unlike very large international corporations that just can’t react in a timely manner and often even at all to such custom requirements, with Cytrack you can engage with our consultants and engineers and arrive at the design you are after.

Cytrack Cloud Services

Cytrack Cloud Services offers you subscription-based, hosted infrastructure and software services for your complete customer experience contact centre solution.

Transform your business – Evolve CX Solutions is an affordable subscription-based Contact Centre as a Service allowing you to instantly transform your business, simplify your infrastructure and boost your customer experience to new levels.

Utilise the power and the flexibility of Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) with Microsoft’s Skype for Business™ combined with Cytrack’s CyCX Connect. Evolve CX Solutions’ cloud-based subscription service means no expensive capital outlay, so you can stay competitive and relevant in today’s fast-moving technology-driven world.

Whether you are a team of just two, a large enterprise group, in one office, in various geographical locations or utilising remote workers, with Evolve CX Solutions you can now offer the key requirements for a successful and modern customer experience.

Cytrack Professional Services

Cytrack Professional Services bring the specialists to the product, from deployment & training services, to after-sales support, and “moves adds and changes”, our team is available to your business 24/7.

Cytrack utilises a service management approach which is based on the ITIL standard, that encompasses focused processes for managing all components of our service delivery, such as incident management, change requests and control, or configuration changes etc.

Cytrack’s help desk is contactable 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and users can log a ticket or raise an issue at any time.

We offer many multi-tiered service delivery options to ensure that our important services can be available for any sized business budget.

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