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CyRecord™ is a powerful and flexible Call Recording Solution for ISDN, Analogue and IP lines and extensions. Essential for any organisation of any size, call recording provides undisputed facts about telephone calls resulting in more rapid dispute resolution. Improve customer service through listening, training and compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies and your outsourced clients.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Prove adherence to the business requirements of your clients.
  • Improve staff capability through listening and performance review.
  • Improve service delivery through accurate recording of the facts.
  • Resolve 'who said what' disputes quickly and without concession.
  • Pinpoint top performers skills to help less successful colleagues.

Two solutions in one. Deliver call recordings with your data reports

For unique and centralised business intelligence, integrate call recording and playback in one solution with our CyReport or CyReport Plus application. Call recordings link to the data reports and you simply click on the extension within the report or user to play back the call.


Compliance is an important aspect for any business. Many organisations now make contracts by phone and require 'voice signatures' in the form of a voice recording. The Government and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandates businesses to record and archive customer interactions.

The Cytrack CyRecord solution therefore allows your business to turn on features such as voice recording and screen recording, this combined with important audit reports and performance review enables you to meet tough compliance requirements.

Take it to the next level and add CyRecord screen recording solution

A customer's experience with a call centre Agent is a reflection of what is occurring on the Agent's desktop. Record most or even all of your Agents' desktops for quality management and auditing purposes. Highly scaleable, efficient and low cost screen recording is now available from Cytrack Interaction Recorder Network.

Recording your calls is only part of the story when striving for complete customer satisfaction. CyRecord optionally captures what happens on your employee's PC screen offering an ideal solution for training new starters on order input for example.

  • Compatible with all leading PBX brands.
  • SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunks and extensions.
  • ISDN 2 (Basic Rate) ISDN 30 (Primary Rate) & Analogue.
  • Search & playback via CyReport web client.
  • Files compressed and encrypted as standard.
  • Audit reports for compliance requirements and security.
  • Calls can be saved and exported or emailed as MP3s.

CyRecord V and O series for VoiP and traditional voice recording platforms

As VoIP becomes more prevalent, Cytrack offers the CyRecord V Series SIP recording solution. This Software only solution allows you to install CyRecord on a virtual machine or on your preferred locally sourced hardware.

If you are using traditional trunk lines such as ISDN2, ISDN 30, analogue or a mixture of traditional lines your V Series SIP CyRecord will be the most economical solution if your business uses IP handsets that are on a compatible PBX with CyRecord V Series, as this then captures both trunk and extension activity.

If you are not using IP handsets on a compatible PBX and are using traditional trunk lines, then our CyRecord O Series supports ISDN2, ISDN 30 and analogue connections.

On demand recording icon

On demand

CyRecord allows you to record telephone conversations with the click of an icon in CyDesk. You can then choose to have the recorded conversation stored under the Outlook or CRM contact record. Replay messages by clicking on the CyRecord Message and play back via your PC Multi-Media Speakers. You can also easily email and forward messages.

record all icon

Record all

CyRecord optionally allows administrators to set assigned users to record every voice conversation and store the files to a central location for review and/or archive as applicable. The recording can also be stored under the Outlook or CRM contact record as standard.

Messages can then be played back via your PC Multi-Media Speakers by clicking on the CyRecord Message icon.

Easily email and forward messages. Optionally, administrators can restrict the Record playback tab on CyDesk from the agent, therefore limiting playback to only the administrator.

random record icon

Random record

CyRecord optionally allows the administrator to amend settings for assigned users to randomly record voice conversations and store the files to a central location for review and/or archive as applicable.

As with record all calls, the administrator can restrict the Record playback tab on CyDesk from the agent. Recording playback is therefore only available by the administrator.

conditional recording icon

Conditional record

CyRecord optionally allows the administrator to set call completion categories to be presented to the agent. These can control whether CyRecord is activated and also whereby the recording filename can be appended with codes configured into the call completion activity.

automated recording icon


CyRecord provides our 'PCI Application Pause API' for those customers that require an automated approach. An example of this in application is when an agent switches to a data entry screen to enter an order and the recording must therefore be paused automatically in order to adhere to the PCI DSS requirements. Once the agent moves away from the data entry application, the recording of the call is resumed. Please speak to our sales team to find out if your application is compatible to integrate and talk to our 'PCI Application Pause API' for pause/resume record automation.

Upgrade options

Enhance the power of Call recording with CyDesk™, our desktop UC (Unified Communications) solution.

Integrate with desktop applications including Outlook, your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Database, Microsoft Access and many other applications.

Quickly access recordings and previous customer interactions through a screen pop of your customer CRM record, therefore saving time and improving your customer experience.

Control 'Record On Demand', 'Random Recording' or 'Record By Agent Entered Call' category, and will categorise recordings by completion code.

CyRecord Insights Speech Analytics

Your call recordings are a gold mine of information on your customer experience, how happy was the customer, are there service issues, whats the agent performance in both sentiment and delivering the correct script. But the sheer volume of phone calls exceeds most businesses' ability to manually review and analyse them. Check out our CyRecord Insights for Speech Analytics to find out how you can leverage your voice recording to reveal even more on your business communications

Learn more about CyRecord Insights for Speech Analytics

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