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1) Dedicated support portal

The best way to track your support enquiry is via the dedicated Cytrack Support Portal (please note: this will open a new page and you will require to sign up if not already a user).

Visit Our Support Portal

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2) Email Support

The quickest way to raise a support request is to simply email us at This will raise a support ticket in the support portal, from there you will have the option to communicate via email or by signing into the portal which provides additional functionality such as adding comments and attachments via the support portal web interface.

3) Call us

We would strongly recommend visiting our support portal first, where you will find a solution to 95% of all the issues we receive. If you still can’t find a solution, give us a call on the numbers below.

Australia : 1300 CYHELP / 1300 294357

UK & Europe : +44 (0) 1245 979994