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Improve your service levels and reducing staffing costs by closely matching staffing levels to workload with accurate forecasts, intelligent real-time monitoring & reporting.

Increase quality and speed of service, the efficiency of your staffing schedules and lower operating costs by reducing wage expenses. Workforce Management uses self-adjusting algorithms to continuously increase its forecast accuracy. The intraday management dashboard allows real-time monitoring of your workforce, schedule adherence and workload.

All the features you'll need to optimise your workforce

Track the accuracy of forecast in real-time, allowing you to quickly identify any deviations or emerging trends and making immediate adjustments accordingly. Workforce Management provides instant alerts for deviations to schedule adherence allowing you to make corrections and stay on target.

With Workforce Management your organisation can achieve:

  • Reduced staffing costs
    Lower overheads while improving response times and service level achievement
  • Lower Capital & Ongoing Costs
    Minimal initial outlay and reduced operating costs compared to traditional premise-based hardware and software
  • Cloud accessibility
    Cloud technology removes barriers that make existing enterprise-level system capabilities inaccessible to many businesses
  • Efficiency
    Accurately forecast workload for any work stream
  • Empowerment & Insight
    Enable decision-making in real time


  • Workforce Management accepts data in real time and uses a number of self-adjusting algorithms to continuously increase the accuracy of its forecasts.
  • Accurately forecast for future volume of any type of work: Calls, emails, tickets or customers waiting in a line.
  • The API allows for any type of work stream data to be fed into the system in real time, such as web chat or SMS.
  • Allows you to take control of your recruiting cycle and forecast employee or skill shortages well in advance.
  • Forecasts can be viewed, analysed and put to work from the macro scale to the individual work stream sub-tasks.
  • The system allows you to analyse forecasts for company wide data and KPI achievement down to individual teams and agents.

Scheduling and schedule optimisation

When scheduling, Workforce Management will take into account any number of KPIs, business requirements, grade of service agreements and goals to create the most efficient schedule for your needs.

Workforce Management can automatically create smart and efficient schedules that can simply be approved and released or you can dynamically edit schedules and see the results instantly in the schedule optimiser. Workforce Management will alert you of any schedule shortcomings that have the potential to affect business performance and goal achievement.

Workforce Management uses queuing theory, algorithms and business rules to create the most efficient schedules, enabling you to achieve business objectives and reduce staffing costs.

Staffing is one of the largest expenses for any business. Through accurate forecasting and scheduling, you can greatly reduce staffing costs.


Give managers, team leaders and staff the ability to view their rosters anywhere at any time.

Rosters can be accessed on employees mobile devices, tablets and computers, no matter what they use.

Team leaders can manage staff availabilities and leave requests within Workforce Management and the system will provide intelligent suggestions and alerts when staff availabilities or leave requests could cause potential shortages.

Timesheets and employee time tracking

Workforce Management allows you to manage employee timesheets and export to payroll systems.

Real time tracking allows you to automatically complete and submit timesheets or easily compare staff submitted timesheets to actual hours worked.

Sending timesheets to payroll systems can significantly reduce data entry and administration time spent on payroll. Workforce Management will send alerts for staff no-shows allowing you to quickly react and ensure business performance is not affected. If Workforce Management isn't already integrated with your payroll system our API makes it easy!

Real time intra-day management

The intraday management dashboard allows real time monitoring of your workforce.

Workforce Management lets you monitor employee schedule adherence in real-time to ensure you always have scheduled number of staff available and will provide alerts when adherence falls below the acceptable threshold, so you can take corrective action. Workforce Management allows you to view your workforce in real-time from the macro company level down to individual agents, continually providing accurate real-time data helping you make the right decisions.

Workforce Management will track actual workload in real-time compared to the forecast and provide early warnings and automated schedule adjustment suggestions if the volume is abnormally low or high, ensuring you meet targets and maintain an efficient roster.

Mobile and tablet for agents & managers

Agyle Time gives managers, team leaders and staff the ability to view information anywhere at any time.


Workforce Management includes a suite of standard reports covering most needs of your contact centre. Reports feature drill-down functionality and can be exported to Excel.

Standard reports cover Punctuality, Shift Start Compliance, Work streams, Tasks, Adherence, Occupancy, Volume, Service Levels and Forecast Accuracy.

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