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All our modules include SMS functionalities, whether for customer service such as SMS Call-Me, Telemarketing SMS bulk-out, SMS system alerts for administrators, or SMS to and from your desk to clients, partners and team members. It's quick, easy and manageable. CySMS provides efficient and directed means of communicating with your partners and clients via SMS.

Business benefit

  • Easily send SMS directly from your PC using CyDesk™
  • Reach all your clients with SMS marketing mail-outs directly from your database or CRM
  • Create Auto-Callbacks from SMS responses
  • Route SMS replies and requests to service & sales staff according to skills, using our skills based routing functionality

Powerful features & benefits

  • Add SMS functionality to your Cytrack modules
  • SMS Message editor
  • Standard Message Templates management
  • Bulk SMS from CyCall™ and the option to link replies to call backs via CyCX Connect™
  • Omnichannel Inbound Call Centre
  • Inbound SMS Queue Management & Routing with CyCX Connect
  • SMS alerts via CyCX Connect™ and CyReport™
  • Server based SMS solution
  • By popular demand we now offer competitive SMS rates as a provider

How CySMS helps you have better customer conversations

  • Added to the Inbound SMS queue
    Whenever a customer sends you a message, it gets added to your inbound SMS queue.
  • Dashboard Queue Time
    Once the SMS gets added to the inbound queue, the clock starts ticking. The length of the queue is displayed on your dashboard.
  • Auto Message
    As the SMS hits the back of the inbound queue, you can optionally send an automated reply.
  • AI Keyword Routing
    Like an inbound call, SMS messages are routed to the most appropriate members of your team. The first routing option is via AI keyword recognition. It’s exactly what it sounds like — the inbound SMS is scanned by artificial intelligence for specific keywords, and if one is recognised that’s how the SMS is routed.
  • CRM Routing
    If AI Keyword Routing is not set up, or no Keywords are a match, the next available routing option is via a CRM field.
  • CRM Pop
    Like calls, as an agent receives the SMS within CyDesk, they can optionally pop the account or contact from within the CRM.
  • CyReport Log
    As the agent chats via SMS with the customer, the conversation is recorded in CyReport.
  • Call Transition
    Usually, customers use chat because the nature of their enquiry is quick and settled within a couple of text messages. But if it’s taking a little longer, agents can transition into a call at the click of a button.

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