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Why voice is still so compelling for contact centres

November 15, 2021

Even with today’s sophisticated omnichannel customer experience technology, the power of ‘old school’ voice communications remains so effective.

Amid the presence of best-in-class video and chat capabilities, Microsoft and Zoom have both placed renewed focus on voice and telephony products in 2021.

So why is voice still so compelling for contact centres, when customers have a wealth of channel options available to them?

Voice has 4 key qualities that set it apart from other media:

  • We can speak faster than we can type
  • It is the most direct and efficient real-time mode of communication
  • We can provide tone of voice with nuance, warmth and intent
  • We can communicate effectively in one-to-one and one-to-many scenarios

The availability of new technologies to augment voice capabilities makes this communication method even more compelling. Artificial intelligence is a natural fit for supporting voice and is already able to transcribe, translate and provide other functions that allow new generation voice systems to be better than legacy PBXs.

The emotional capabilities of voice are also a huge benefit to contact centre teams. When a customer is upset or angry, the empathetic capabilities of voice technology can direct them to the most appropriate service agent. In healthcare, this can be the difference between life and death for patients ringing the health service for support. For this reason, ‘empathy’ is now one of the most prominent buzzwords in the contact centre industry.

For all these reasons, your team will continue to need high-quality voice capabilities, but you’re likely planning to transition from legacy PBXs to a cloud-hosted solution given the additional benefits of flexibility, scalability and reduced costs. This could be a simple UCaaS telephony replacement or a more holistic omnichannel CCaaS system.

If voice capabilities and cloud hosting are on your CX improvement strategy, then we’d love to help you implement them.

Speak to one of our team today and let’s create your dream customer experience.