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The New Contact Centre Paradigm: Don’t Buy, Subscribe

September 10, 2021

With lessons learned from the pandemic experience, companies are flipping their thinking around contact centre operations.

Being able to operationalize on the remote work paradigm and excel at customer service during an extraordinarily trying time, via cloud services, has been a lightbulb moment for a lot of companies.

A natural next question forward-looking organizations are asking themselves is this: With such an agile approach, just how much more value can our contact centre drive when it’s untied from its historical past?

Imagine, for example, a rich contact centre environment, seamlessly integrated with customer information pulled from CRM, billing, and other disparate backend databases and presented to agents in a consolidated view.

Infuse this with rich platform advancements that empower agents and customers:

Modern omnichannel communications

It’s not just the telephone anymore. Businesses must support scalable, multiparty conversations across channels, natively.
You need to use seamless integration across voice, chat, WhatsApp, SMS, email, social, and other digital channels in which customers interact. Many customers don’t like to resort to phone calls if they don’t have to.

Speech Analytics Services

Speech Analytics streamlines marketing, sales and operational processes by transcribing and analysing your calls.
It allows you to visualise every phone call your business receives, identify keywords spoken, measure customer sentiments and agent effectiveness.

Workforce Optimization & Coaching

Modern businesses are pushing for greater productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. You need an efficient workforce experience that provides effective contact centre quality checks and performance scoring by monitoring and rating service agents using speech and transcription services.


Today, customers should be empowered to ‘help themselves’ as they love convenience. With the right self-service mix, businesses can allocate more complex tasks to agents and maximise the use of technology for simpler assignments.

Businesses need to utilise next level telephony IVR software with streamlined application, database and payment gateway integrations.

Proactive opportunity creation & customer outreach

Proactive engagement is a true differentiator for sales and customer service teams. Anticipating customer requirements and challenges before they happen will separate the top companies.

Omnichannel outbound & telemarketing enable teams to speak to more customers and prospects proactively. This helps your business to increase customer loyalty, decrease support calls and take control of customer communications.

And, once a contact centre becomes proactive, it can be a profit centre, too