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How to improve CX in transportation with a cloud-based contact centre

November 23, 2021

The transportation industry is highly competitive and customer experience (CX) can be your differentiator. Given the tight financial margins, it can also be the difference between a profit- or loss-making business.

And the industry never sleeps. People and goods need moving at all times of day, and therefore transportation companies typically have staff working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To be successful, companies need to have robust communication and collaboration systems in place.

A contact centre sits at the heart of your transport operations.

Your centralised communication system facilitates all interactions between company representatives and customers. It plays a key role in many crucial aspects of the business including payment support, customer service, sales, and scheduling.

But on-premise, legacy systems continue to hamper transport operators.

Inflexible, expensive contact centres are hard to adapt to evolving customer needs and digital expectations, whilst the infrastructure limits your ability to scale.

Further, specialists trained in on-premise systems are becoming scarce, which means the cost to maintain goes up.

For a crucial solution that requires high availability for transport operators, on-premise contact centres are quickly falling out of favour.

Fortunately, cloud infrastructure has provided a modern solution to this legacy issue.

Many companies that have become disillusioned are replacing their on-premise solution with more flexible cloud-based contact centres.

Today’s modern Contact Centre as a Service providers offer hosted contact centres software, server maintenance, databases, code and professional services support under one monthly subscription fee.

For transport operators, this means true flexibility in your customer interactions and your ability to scale. Via the cloud and API-based contact centre systems, it is much faster to integrate new communication channels that meets the needs of your customers.

Other benefits include

  • Rapidly establish and enable remote agent operations
  • Enable seamless communication handover between agents (crucial for 24/7 operations)
  • Reduce costs by limiting upfront costs and only paying for what you use
  • Easier to embed automation for streamlined communication routing and self-service

This is a game changer for transportation companies.

Today’s top transportation companies rely on speed and efficiency of execution. Customers have many options when choosing a transport company, so loyalty is built through great customer experience.

There are 3 key reasons that the benefits of a cloud-based contact centre outlined above will improve performance of your transport service:

1. Your customer communications will improve

Today’s customers expect rapid responses to outreach and issues, so being able to set up fast, automated customer responses will ensure you meet expectations.

Beyond response rates, providing proactive updates to keep your customer in the loop will help to manage expectations in the first place and ensure they are not left uncertain and waiting for their service.

2. You can optimise internal processes

By aligning and simplifying your communications system, collaboration across your team members is far easier and better equipped to handle customer requests and logistical challenges.

If your team is juggling multiple chat apps, long email threads or siloed file storage systems, your agent efficiency drops significantly leading to higher response times and poor customer experiences.

By aligning and integrating all communications back to your CRM, you have a single view of all interactions and can collaborate to solve issues without leaving the central application.

Fundamentally, streamlined internal collaboration facilitates better customer interactions.

3. You can take advantage of data

The biggest issue in transportation is matching supply and demand. This needs constant reassessment to operate an optimised fleet.

There is vast amounts of data held within contact centres that is not being well used by transport operators.

Consider historic data regarding trip requests, origins, destinations and vehicle assignment. This data can provide insights into how best to optimise your fleet in the short term.

Now consider the feedback held within customer surveys or phone call records. This data may change your longer-term strategy for fleet design or customer service training.

Unless this data is captured, maintained and presented effectively, it is impossible to derive true value from it.

To improve your transportation service, you need to embed great CX technology.

Today’s top transportation teams are modernising their contact centres by transitioning from legacy, on-premise technologies to complete omnichannel cloud contact centres.

We’d love to help you make the same transition.

Speak to one of our team today and let’s create your dream transport experience.