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Web Callback

Now included as part of CyCX Connect at no extra cost

Cytrack Web Callback is now included as part of CyCX Connect, our out-of-the-box web and telephony omni-channel contact centre. Web callback technology enables customers to quickly and easily request that a service agent call them back. They enter a few basic contact details and the request is passed through to a relevant service agent. With no wait time for the customer, web callback gives customers what they value the most… their time!

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How does Web Callback work?

Web Callback
Web Callback
  1. The customer visits a web page, clicks on a request a call-back button and fills in their contact details.
  2. The call-back request is added to the CyCX Connect queue and transferred to a relevant agent.
  3. The agent receives a call-back request, which includes the customer’s details along with a link to the web page the customer was visiting when they made the callback request.
  4. The agent calls the customer with the click of a button and has all the relevant information right in front of them.

Over 60 percent of consumers say that being on hold for just one minute is too long!

Benefits of web callback technology

  • Never lose a lead
  • Decreased call abandonment
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Higher first-call resolution
  • Decreased handle times
  • Improved efficiency/ cost savings
  • Customer satisfaction