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How Cytrack Integrates with Autotask

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Cytrack’s software magnifies the power of the Autotask professional services suite with full Computer Telephony Integration capabilities for a truly enriched customer experience

Turn your Autotask business management platform into a powerful communications platform, so all your services work seamlessly together.

We are very excited about the integration of Autotask PSA with Cytrack, whose software is platform agnostic, meaning our partners are not tied into one proprietary solution or cloud service to gain this telephony and contact centre integration. Our partners are already using popular platforms such as Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Mitel and Ericsson, and many use Microsoft O365 with Skype for Business and Teams. Being able to use the Cytrack solution right away while not having to sign up for a new platform is a great benefit.

We see two immediate benefits for our partners. By adding the Cytrack solution to in-house environments our partners can improve customer experience and communications capabilities for their own service delivery; while also being able to offer this very essential communications technology to their customers for their own environments and services.

Joe Rourke | Director of Product Management | Autotask PSA at Datto

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See the Autotask integration feature list below for more information, and when you’re ready please get in touch using your preferred contact method (details under the feature list.)

Increasing demand for UK healthcare – and the resulting pressure on organisations to manage it – is a well-known issue. With budgets tight and resources stretched, any initiative that helps make processes more efficient and treatment more responsive is welcomed. In such a critical environment, a reliable solution is essential and Premier Patient Line, as part of the Premier Choice Group specialises in ensuring the right call solution for the UK National Health Service needs. As a result, our clients can manage more appointments, give patients an all-round better experience, offer relevant advice directly over the phone, and even help them help themselves with self-service call features.

The CyDesk integration with Autotask is a critical part of our service solution for our clients in the NHS. CyDesk enables the customer's Autotask record to be automatically popped when we receive a call from the surgery and we can immediately review open tickets or create a new enquiry. We can also quickly click to dial or search for clients details in Autotask directly from CyDesk which speeds up call handling efficiency. Importantly, we have the option to record calls which means we can ensure we follow up on the actions planned as well as review the quality of our teams’ responses. The presence feature of CyDesk has been very beneficial during the times of COVID-19 where we are all working remotely, enabling us all to collaborate together far more efficiently.

Jacob Brown | Technical Manager | Premier Choice Group

About Autotask

Autotask is a professional services automation software designed for technology solution providers - integrating CRM, Service Desk, Contracts, Projects, Billing, Reporting and more - accessible from anywhere, any time. Recently combined with Datto for award-winning backup and disaster recovery solutions (BDR), by adding Cytrack software to the mix, you have everything you need to deliver customer experience excellence and gain a competitive edge.

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Features of Cytrack's integration with Autotask

Autotask Ticket Creation

Allows user to quickly and easily create Autotask tickets directly from within CyDesk.

Existing Autotask Ticket Management

Allows user to pop up, list and link call to existing tickets for a customer from within CyDesk.

Autotask Omnichannel Message History

Allows user to pop any omnichannel interaction (SMS, WhatsApp, Live Chat etc) to Autotask and link the message history into the ticket from within CyDesk.

Click to dial

Allows user to click on a number directly in the Autotask contact fields and CyDesk will dial the number.

Caller lookup

CyDesk can lookup the Autotask database based on the Caller ID and show the Autotask contact details (& account/company if applicable) in CyDesk

Pop contact

CyDesk can tell Autotask to display a contact record from either the name or number search

Pop account

CyDesk can tell Autotask to display an account record from either the name or number search

Name search

User can select search in CyDesk and enter name details and CyDesk will search Autotask and display a list of matches, the user can select the contact from the list and pop the record, dial one of the contact phone numbers as listed in the Autotask contact record, and also optionally send an SMS if CySMS is installed.

Log call history

CyDesk can optionally store details of the call in the Autotask contact history – includes the date, time, call type (incoming or outgoing), Caller ID and call duration

Attach voice recordings

CyDesk can optionally store a URL to the location of the voice recording file in Autotask. Note the user has to enter a username and password to play the recording and access can be controlled by the Cytrack security manager.

Log call notes

Notes entered into CyDesk during the call can be stored in the Autotask contact history together with the call history

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