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Is Your Customer Service Millennial Friendly?

August 8, 2017

Millennials constitute the largest consumer demographic in history, with more spending power than any other generation. As they come of age and enter their prime working and spending years, their impact on business is huge. If you aren’t Millennial friendly, then now’s the time to re-think your customer service strategy.

Born into a truly digital world and growing up with a mobile device in hand, Millennials expect to incorporate technology into almost every aspect of their life. They turn to their mobiles for research, purchases, connecting with friends, the latest news or watching movies. This reliance has forged impeccably high standards for fast, seamless and consistent cross-channel, cross-platform, real-time and highly personalised experiences.

Meeting these high expectations is paramount. If you don’t offer what the Millennials are looking for, your competitors are only a click away!

Millennial texting

Millennials don’t want to talk to you!

This sounds rude, but it’s simply a generation gap. If they have a question or complaint, Millennials are extremely comfortable with non-verbal communication. They prefer to deal with a situation themselves, rather than depend on customer service representatives.

One thing is for certain: they will definitely not tolerate being put on hold…

68% of 18 – 34 year old consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a single poor customer service experience.
(Microsoft’s 2016 Global State of Customer Service Report).

A recent report showed that just 6% of Millennials choose phone calls as their preferred communication channel. A quarter actually listed “calling customer service” in their top three most unpleasant things to do!

Millennials often turn to Google in an attempt to resolve issues without the need for a customer support call. It is paramount that companies offer more customer-centric service options. More accurately, it is important to allow this new generation of customers to service themselves.

81% of Millennials have a more favourable view of a brand if they offer access to a mobile friendly self service portal.

Whether it’s SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger – instant messaging is instant and mobile, allowing Millennials to respond quickly wherever they are. But businesses are not keeping up with the same speed. Research shows 20% of millennials currently don’t receive any text messages from businesses at all.

Digital watchMillennials won’t wait!

If you do manage to engage with the Millennial, then the next step is to meet their service expectations.

72% expect a company to get back to them within an hour, and 30% expect an answer immediately.

If these expectations seem a little unrealistic, then it’s time to re-think. If you don’t change your business practices to meet the Millennials’ standards, they will simply move to somebody who does. 45% of Millennials switched companies after they were left waiting on hold with customer service for too long. So these are by no means hollow threats.

Social Media AppsDon’t ignore social media

Social media is a growing service channel for Millennials. According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report: 47% of 18-34 year old consumers used social media to complain. It is therefore vitally important that you are available to answer their questions wherever they are, which includes social media.

Forward-thinking companies have therefore embraced this change and invested in social customer service technology. This allows customer service agents to monitor social media channels for feedback and engage quickly and effectively.

Get personal – they don’t mind

When it comes to sharing personal information, Millennials are a much more open than than previous generations. They grew up with Google constantly ‘looking over their shoulder’ so it could deliver more targeted information. Millennials are therefore more comfortable with companies holding and using personal information if it’s for the right reasons. It’s OK to get personal as long as it improves the quality and expedites the customer service experience.

Access personal details using your CRM

Where previous generations found it intrusive that a service agent was reeling of personal information, Millennials actually expect it.

By utilising the power of intelligent CRM, you can have your customers details to hand the moment they contact you.

So are you Millennial Friendly?

Millennials’ buying power will soon surpass that of the generations before them and the message is clear: business will need to adapt in multiple ways to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s customers.  Is your support structure prepared?

Get in touch with Cytrack today and we will help you make the right choices to prepare your customer service for the future.

*The 2017 Millennial Mobile Consumer Report by USHUR